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Between the Novels – Shattered/Designed Bonus Content

For those of you who’ve read the portion of The Intoxicated Books that is currently available, you know that although I ended Book One in a cliffhanger, I picked up Book Two exactly where I left off.  To be specific, Book Two began in the middle of the phone conversation that ended Book One.

Transitioning between Book Two and Three wasn’t as seamless because I’m switching focus between Lauren and Blake.  Lauren’s got her happy ending for the moment, and it’s time to move on to Blake and Chris.  So after Matthew gets his answer, I cut away to Chris beginning his search for his own.

Some feedback suggests that maybe this was too abrupt.  And trust me, these people will be rewarded in Book Three with more of Matthew and Lauren’s story, though told through Blake’s eyes.  But it did leave me with an idea for some bonus content.  After all, there are a few hours of celebration over at Matthew’s house that occur before Chris camps out at Blake’s door.

So here’s what happened between the ending of Shattered  proper and the epilogue…

Between the novels

Hope you enjoy, and hope that you’re as excited for July 18th as I am! 🙂

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