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Digging Deeper – Will

One thing that I started doing on my blog way back in the day before I had any kind of a following was character studies of my mains in each book.  There were a whole bunch with the first one.  Because most of the characters are the same throughout, with each successive book, there’s been a little less to do on that front, because I didn’t update them from the first time we really met everyone.  So you can dig through the archives here and find out what I had to say about all of them:  Lauren, Blake, Gracie, Matthew, Chris and even Eric.

Which leads us to Will.  And I’m not giving away much here, either.  Sorry – but I promise he is worth the wait!

Will has been pretty much an enigma ever since we first met him back in Book Two, when he pulled over Lauren.  He’s been sort of a side dish to the main event, flowing in and out of the scenery quietly and almost undetected.

So what do we know about him?  Well, obviously, he’s a cop.  He’s divorced, and from outward appearances the ending of his marriage affected him deeply.  He’s not really close to any of the Intoxicated crew, though one could probably argue that out of all of them, he’s most friendly with Chris.  After all, they share the whole public service bond.

I’ve always written Will as a nice guy.  The kind of person that will do anything for you:  rat out the whereabouts of the one that got away,  accompany you to a hockey game so the tickets don’t go to waste, observe as you assault a creepy stalker, stand up for you at a wedding, listen as you mull over the secret that’s been kept from you for ten years.

I also knew when I introduced him that he wasn’t going to be a bit character forever.  In the back of my mind, I was busy fleshing out his past.  And just like I created Gracie for Lauren, I created Will for Gracie – always intending for the two of them to hit it off.  It just took a while to get there.

So what am I willing (pun intended) to reveal about the hero of Changed?  First off, I purposefully didn’t make him as attractive as either Matthew or Chris.  Will’s no slouch, but he’s definitely more of the cute, adorable type rather than the smoking hot alpha male.  I wanted to explore that dynamic – here, it’s Will that assumes he’s out of Gracie’s league.  So often in romance books, it’s the other way around.  I’ve even kind of done it myself with the Lauren/Matthew pairing.

And yes, Will has been a man of few words to date.  We’ll really get to see him open up with Gracie, and he may just surprise you in the same way that he does her. Sometimes, their conversations are a battle of wits, and Will’s the only person so far who can render Gracie speechless.

Of course, being aloof leads to being under the radar.  And though Will hasn’t exactly hidden relevant information from everyone, Gracie still needs to get over the shock that comes with learning some things about him.   Can the fact that they have absolutely nothing in common on paper prevent them from finding their own happy ending?

Writing Changed was quite possibly the most fun that I’ve had creating an installment in this series.  This one definitely has more of a romantic comedy feel to it, but what else would you expect from our favorite raven haired beauty?





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