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Death of Me

Several months ago, in the infancy of the launch for my upcoming release, I joked that this book may just be the death of me.  Honestly, I didn’t know how prophetic those words would be.

This time out, I had some new ideas – things I wanted to try.  I’ve been around the book releasing block a few times now and have established some opinions as to what I think works and what doesn’t.  And, with Amazon finally allowing self-publishers the opportunity to list preorders, I had yet another tool in my arsenal.

Excitement reigned in the early part of this year as I sat with a newly finished book on my laptop and visions of a marketing plan dancing in my head.  Like the previous installment of my series, this novel can be read as a standalone.  It also builds quite nicely upon the rest of the action, so those who are reading in order will be pleased as well.  Unlike Book Three, this one is not dark and twisty and profound.  This one is light, naughtier than I’ve ever gone before, and snarky with a fair amount of angst for good measure.

It’s also my favorite of the series.  Then again, I say that about all of them when they first come out.  Quite honestly, though, it was the easiest one yet for me to write and format in all of its versions, and that in itself is endearing.

I’ve already covered here the Facebook strategy that I used to try to drum up early reviews.  This was marginally successful, though I didn’t give out anywhere near the 75 copies that I had limited myself to.

I also offered ARCs to the Facebook group that my tour company runs.  The usual suspects read and reviewed, for which I am grateful, but no new interest.

In addition to the Release Day Event that has become a tradition since Book Two, I also scheduled a Preorder Blitz that happened at the end of February.  And this is when the headaches started happening.

I’ve had the beginnings of a Goodreads comment war on an early review that literally had me in tears.  No, I really wasn’t personally involved, but still.  I’ve had  winners of my preorder giveaway that did not claim the ebooks that I gifted to them on Amazon, though the money has clearly been debited from my account for the purchase price weeks ago.  I’ve had a winner who wouldn’t respond to me at all, but accepted the prize without as much as a “thank you”.

To which end I threw up my hands in the air and asked myself why I bother with any of this anyway.  Not the writing, but the marketing part.

I have always written my books first and foremost for myself.  I don’t write to make sales.  I don’t even publish for the tax write-off that I’ve been able to get from two straight years of business losses.  I write because I love to do it.  I love creating and the entire frustrating process of seeing a story through to the time it goes live and gets printed in a paperback version.

And if some readers want to join me along the way, then that is great, too.

I’m seriously considering not doing any presale marketing for my next book.  Just quietly put it out there for sale and see if anyone notices.

It will help save my sanity.

And, after all, it worked for Beyonce.






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