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Give Me a Boost

Some of you have noticed that I took a short break from blogging, but that certainly doesn’t mean that I’ve been slacking off on this side of the keyboard.  I’ve been busy working on preparing my upcoming release for preorder and early review.  Now that the sales links are up and the ARCs have been emailed, it’s back to normal for me.

One of the last posts that I published before my mini-absence was entitled “Help Wanted”.  Unlike most of my contributions to this site, I opted not to share this particular post with my author/blogger friends during Monday Blogs.  Reason being:  it felt a bit too self-promotional, even though I’m really being quietly promotional every time I share because all of my books are prominently displayed on my website.

Anyway, the point of this post was drumming up interest for people to review my new book prior to its release.  I already had a couple of bloggers and readers in my back pocket, as well as my traditional marketing plan mapped out.  But for this novel, I also wanted to offer the option to review to those who had never heard of me before.  In essence, Monday Blogs wasn’t exactly the best platform for this to happen, so I wasn’t shooting myself in the foot by not sharing there.

Instead, I turned to my Facebook author page.  I posted the blog link (which I hardly ever do because most of my readers never read and/or care about my blog) and boosted the post.

This was my first experience with boosting posts, and it was a worthy experiment to throw $5 at.  I certainly wouldn’t do it on a regular basis, but I’d probably do it again under similar circumstances.  It’s worthwhile if you’ve got something important going on; not so much if you’re ranting about your kids forgetting their lunch money.

Keep in mind that my following on Facebook is anemic compared to that on Twitter, but there’s not much overlap.  Twitter is where I connect mostly with bloggers and authors, and Facebook is more for readers.

Here’s what happened:

I boosted my post for one day only, to fans and friends of fans.  At that time, my likes totaled 259 or so, if I’m remembering correctly.

A total of 1,357 people were reached.  55 of those were organic and 1,302 were paid.  I received a few new likes.  One person out there hid all of my posts.

But more importantly, I connected with 5 people that likely never would have been introduced to my work had I not boosted this post.  These are new-to-me readers.  At $1 per pop, that’s not a horrible return on investment in my opinion.

Of course, I also had takers who had already connected with me, sometimes across multiple platforms.  Boosting my Facebook post helped me reach them, too, because we all know that only a very small percentage of your existing fans usually see your content there (sigh).

By far, Facebook was the most successful outlet for me getting my message across.  I also posted this offer on Twitter and Tsu.  I got one hit from Tsu, where I have a supremely tiny following – but they see everything; none on Twitter, where I have the most presence.  But Twitter was not all for naught – one of my blogger friends retweeted one of my teasers and within seconds, I had a message from someone else that they wanted to read my stuff.  So they ended up with an ARC.

As much as I despise Facebook in general, even I have to admit that it does serve its purpose once in a while.